Brand Strategy

Digital Brand Strategy is beyond strategy, it’s the heart of a business and has become a vital source of survival. The digital is no more become an option but, vital to success and Orange Room Digital has buildup a team not just of communication, marketing, community management, creativity  but, also business acumen, high-end back end development expert and global resource.

Strategy is built up around

  1. Digital Asset development and maintenance like web & app, CRM, loyalty program and more.
  2. Identify Communication Avenue, content and engagement like Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter and more.
  3. Disruptive Innovation like launching app reverse logistics for used battery to fund school and keep the environment safe.

Digital Brand Strategy comprises of a document which clearly states organizational objectives and how digital arena can fulfill to achieve those objectives partly or completely. These objectives are than portrayed into digital planner defining the execution and KPI.

Within Digital Strategy, Organization Has To Bind 5 Components


For any business, branding plays a vital role. Brand builds loyal customers and not just one time buyers. Brands like Nestle, Unilever and Nike holds onto the spirit of customers with their products for 100s of years, that’s the power of a brand. Digital plays significant role to build, reposition and sustain brands for years. Through lighting speed communication and interweave platforms like Facebook and Twitter a brand can be built or destroyed in no time. The beautiful landscape of post, engagement, share and likes empower businesses to stay connected with customer and get first hand feedback about current and future products.

Creative & Communication

Within the digital there are many avenues like Web, Social Media, App and more. It is vital to empower strategy with right creative and communication which fits in the diversified ecosystem. Our team of certified creative and communication personnel gives an edge to our client’s digital strategy which otherwise live in isolation.


Digital Strategy becomes air in the bubble if there is no technology interweave with the strategy. It shouldn’t be more or less than the overall strategy and backed by analytics to measure ROI. The technology part also helps to expand from social media to IOT and move to next level. A digital strategy consists not only marketing and creative but, technology component plays a vital part.


Jubilant thinking is the way forward in Digital Arena. Innovation comes within the context of consumer and product innovation for example an LED light in NOKIA was well received by third world where there is often power blackout similarly, a LAN Port to distribute internet through electric wire is overwhelming. Innovation pushes product usage and customer enthusiasm to next level.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience is half way if customer experience and customer satisfaction is not considered. Today the product and services have become standardized the only difference an organization can create is through experience and marketing communication. Customers opt for product and become loyal to those products which gives quality, emotional touch and pay back to the community.

Business Acumen

Strategy without insights to business understanding is like hitting on the wrong target. At Orange Room Digital we have a team of Management Consultant who not only understand the target and communication but, also are aware about the business market trends to empower messaging in order to give mega impact.


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