Integrated Marketing

If you don’t build to last… you won’t.

Every aspect of how people will interact with that brand contributes to the image of your brand that will be created in the marketplace. And to ensure that the image that emerges is the one you want, you must have a strategy for every touch point, digital and otherwise.

Making use of all avenues

Though Orange Room Digital is, at its core, a digital agency, but we are also able to go beyond that. Which is saying a lot, because the word “digital” itself has so much meaning to unpack. Essentially, our belief in an Integrated Marketing approach means that we are ready to look at all possible means of communicating your message to your target audience, and then crafting the right mix of channels to give you the best results, whether those channels be just digital, or part of a 360 degree effort that entails other means such as BTL, print, outdoor, and others.