No doubt digital marketing is a need for every company today. Nowadays, small companies are challenging established incumbents with the help of technology. Now companies cannot just rely on TVC’s and billboards as trends are continuously changing. People spend more time on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and other social networking website as compare to watching Television. Basically the use of internet is now widely increasing and therefore businesses should focus on bringing in customers through different means on the internet. With the continuous change in technology companies have good opportunity for bringing in traffic and this easily increases their chance of competition and survival in the market.

Social media helps small companies with fewer resources to market themselves and attract customer. Once this option was only available to large companies who were willing to spend millions of dollars on their marketing activities. Secondly, digital marketing has a higher conversion rate and more the conversion rate, the more profit. Traffic generating through the media is affordable and effective and bring in greater return on investment.

Digital marketing is also a very good mean of building brand reputation. When a customer gets product exactly as per their expectations, it builds a good brand image and this way digital marketing helps building with a lot of loyal customers. It builds the relationship of trust between customers and the brand.
Digital marketing at least creates certainty about the survival of your business. Even if there are a lot of visitors to your website at least you would be certain that your business exists and people are well aware about it.

The best part about social media is that it’s just not only help you create traffic and increase engagement, but also helps you to target the right segment for your business to deliver goods or services exactly according to their needs and increase customer satisfaction.

Digital marketing on the other hand also help you to generate consumer insights, as through social media you interact with your customers, answer their queries, resolve their problems and take feedback. It helps you to generate information about your clients, that what are they actually looking for and this way you can successfully meet their expectation.

Speed is also a very important and crucial aspect of social media. Posting on social media takes minutes as compare to print ads and TVC’s which takes a lot of days. Few simple clicks are all what it takes you to build your business.

So this shows that there will be a time when traditional marketing will be obsolete. Therefore it’s important for every company to have a powerful digital marketing strategy to capture the share of its competitor and take the lead.


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