5 Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Videos To Rank Higher

Operating a professional YouTube channel that has just recently been put up is challenging especially when you’re trying to get more views and get it to rank higher in search engines. If you want results ASAP, you’ve come to the right post.


Here are some of the best tips (courtesy of Orange Room) to optimize your YouTube videos and have them top the rankings list.


  1. Keyword Research


By researching popular keywords, you will have a better idea about what your audience is looking for, which can help you develop videos that more relevant. These keywords must have the largest monthly search volume; relevant to what your video is about and ones that Google would show video results for. Use tools such as Google Adwords or Google Trends to aid in finding trending keywords.


  1. Mind the Video Title Length


When you give your video a title, be sure it doesn’t exceed 100 characters. However, it gets truncated after 70, so it’s best to write one that’s about 50 characters long.


  1. Lengthy Video Descriptions


Your video descriptions also play a crucial role in getting more views and higher ranking. They can be over 1000 characters long but the first two lines are what users focus on the most. That’s why you should include relevant keywords, value propositions in those first two lines as well as add links to your website and other channels.


  1. Use High-Quality Thumbnails


Seeing a thumbnail of your video in the search results, especially one that is of high-quality can win your viewers over quickly. These thumbnails have to be 1280 x 720 pixels large, readable and easy to recognize.


  1. Create a Playlist


Playlists are effective in generating views. Just group a set of videos that your viewers love and place them in one place, otherwise known as a playlist. This gives your rankings and engagement rates a big boost.