4 Top Google Analytics Tips To Elevate Your Sales

Google Analytics provides companies with a wide range of data about how much traffic they’re getting at their online stores. But attracting traffic is pointless if they don’t translate into sales. Fortunately, our group of trained and experienced web analyst specialists at Orange Room has prepared this article just for such an occasion.


1. Create Custom Reports for Top Reports


Creating custom reports to save yourself the trouble of sifting through thousands of reports to find the precise data that can boost your sales.

a. First go to the Admin section of your account.
b. Under View, select All Web Site Data > Custom Alerts.

With this, you will receive notifications by email and text when something happens at your online store. You can also customize the Alert Conditions for what you want to be alerted for.


2. Use On-site Search Queries


Use on-site search terms report to look for the most common searches conducted on your website. To find the report go to Site Search > Search Terms under the Behavior report section.

You can use these searches as email campaigns, recommend or upsell common product or service pages and create landing pages based on popular search terms.


3. Ensure Your Pages Load Fast


A fast-loading website is compulsory for increasing your site’s sales. Open the Page Timings report under Site Speed. The report shows every page on your site and compares each of their speed. The pages with the least load times are the ones with the largest traffic percentage.

If you want to improve the other slow loading pages, go to the “Speed Suggestions” report and look up suggestions on how to improve them.


4. Reverse Engineer Your Sales


With the Reverse Goal Path report, you can reverse engineer real sales on those who bought from you instead of everyone who visited your site. The report shows the order of pages buyers visited before converting to sales. By reversing the process, you can better push buyers through each page to increase your sales.